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Just a reminder that if you want to get in touch with the editor (if you are having any comments, problems or queries regarding the site) you can at:


Site updates

We've added new features to the site (and changed a few)... hope you like them:

1. The Home page now has two buttons for you to see the 'latest pictures' and 'latest comments' straight away
2. Upload picture: After many requests we've changed the way you upload a photo. You can only do one photo at a time, but you can see the actual picture when adding a title and description for it.
3. Add comment: no more annoying pop-up when clicking on 'Add Comment', so now it is possible to actually scroll the page and check the picture and read previous comments while writing your comment.
4. We've introduced a 'My Account' area for registered users. Here you can change certain email preferences. You can now opt in to receive email notifications when a comment is added by another user to a photo that you had uploaded. And the same for comments... so if you opt in, you can now be kept informed of discussion threads through email notifications.
5. We have removed the 'chat with editor' box. We appreciate some users liked it but we found that the box regularly obscured parts of a page. In particular when using a tablet or mobile phone to browse the site.
6. There is a new menu option, 'Favourites'. It shows the photos as voted for by a particular user (as well as a top 50 for the whole site)... so if you 'vote for this picture' it will be added to your Favourites.
7. We've made it possible for users to sign in using their Facebook account rather then having to register separately.

There have been a range of other changes too, mostly boring admin stuff.

It should all work well, but if you come across a problem / glitch or have a comment then please drop us a line :

Cheers, Marcel


Help wanted!

For a number of sites I am looking for co-editors who would love to take care of the day-to-day moderating and who would be willing to help with improving the site in general.
All I ask is that you have an interest in and some knowledge of the topic of the relevant site, have been using / following the site for a while and have general computer / internet 'skills'.

Besides daily co-editors I am also looking for help in improvement of the data on the sites, for example in the info / descriptions we have on manufacturers. And if social media is your thing, perhaps you might be able (and want) to help me out too!

Interested? Or have other suggestions in how you would like to help?

Drop me a line :



New sites planned!

We've received several requests for two new sites, which we are planning to launch after the summer. But we thought it best to let you know now so you can keep your eyes open and cameras ready. The two site will be:
- bicycles (yes all two and three and four wheels as long as they are pedal powered!)
- Ice cream vans and other vendors (Burgers / hotdogs / donuts and whatever). Note that they need to be vehicles, so no trailers please.

Let me know through the message link (bottom of page) or by email (see contact page) what you think!

Use your Tablet or smart Phone

Did you know that this site is suitable to be used with tablets and smart phones? One in five of our visitors are already using these to browse this site... try it out!

Cheers, Marcel
Share on Facebook, G+ and Twitter

Did you know you can easily share a photo on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter by using the 'Share' buttons on the photo-pages?
And of course you can 'like' us too, see the top menu for that!

So go on, help spread the word and make your friends aware of a site or particular photo you like...

Cheers, Marcel

Milestones and Shares

The Photo Forums have just surpassed 170,000 photos (contributed by you all) and over 1,000 votes (in the first 5 weeks of the new sites).
Absolutely amazing, many thanks for your continued interest and participation!

To help us reach more Tractor fans, tell your friends (all of them!).
And click the 'Share' buttons (below the description) to show your favorite photos on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ .


Site updates

After receiving loads of feedback we've made a number of changes to the sites, hopefully they're to your liking.
Most of them are small, but one is worth highlighting:

There is a comprehensive Search function now, accessible from every page... hit the 'Search' on the top menu. Give it a try, hope you like it!


Abandoned and Neglected Vehicles

We have set up a new site where we hope you'll share you're remarkable photos of Abandoned Vehicles.
So show us your abandoned and truly neglected vehicle photos (as long as it used to run on wheels we want to see it!) and share your view and experiences.

Marcel and Richard


We have moved! (7 February 2014)

As you can see we have a new name and a new look, we hope you like it.

Over 8 years ago I started with our themed photo sites (then called 'Image Libraries'), the first one was on Fire Engines / Trucks (run jointly with a good friend, Marcel Sloover). The feedback I got was great and soon I got requests for similar sites for trains, aircraft, ships and so on. So I kept on creating new sites, working hard to keep up with visitors' requests.... who kept contributing great photos (over 150,000 so far) and posted loads of comments.

Unfortunately the design and function of the sites hasn't developed much over these 8 years, they ran into numerous technical problems over the last couple of years, and so I thought it was time to update them and add new features that you might appreciate.
However, my partner in this, who owns the software and hosting / domains, did not share these ideas and did not want to invest the time needed.

So I had no choice then to move the fantastic collection of photos and comments / shared experiences to a new home with a new name. I also hired a great team to design a fresh look for the new sites. I myself like the new design a lot, of course, hope you do too (I love your feedback).

Besides a new look I've made some changes in how the site works. You can still browse the sites as a visitor, however to participate in the discussions, leave comments and post your own photos you now need to register (I don't ask for much information though).
Over the years the co-editors and me have come across a lot of problems that we were looking to avoid on the new sites. We wanted to make sure that names / contact details were provided with every photo and comment posted (so we didn't have to reject so many). We wanted to limit Spam abuse without asking you to type in a garbled code with every post you made. We wanted to keep your details completely private when posting a comment. And we wanted to make sure you were aware of the Terms & Conditions of the sites too.

On top of that we wanted to introduce new features. You can now vote for your favourite photos, we can send an email through the system if a photo is 'refused' to let you know why and you can 'chat' with me when I am on-line.
In the future we hope to add more features too: provide you with a 'user profile' page, enable a message system so you can contact other registered contributors, create your own album, sign up for a newsletter and so on.

Now enough about all this, time to browse the sites and join in!

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